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First Robotic Single-Site Hysterectomy Performed at Lowell General Hospital

Lowell General Hospital recently became one of the first hospitals in New England to perform a robotic hysterectomy using a single, small incision. Gynecologic surgeon Nonnie-Marie Estella, MD performed the robotic single-site procedure using the daVinci SiĀ® robotic system. The patient's uterus was removed utilizing a one-inch incision in her belly button, making the procedure virtually scarless.


Robotic Single Incision Hysterectomy reduces pain and improves cosmetic results

Nonnie M. Estella MD, PC, is one of only four surgeons in Massachusetts selected to offer Robotic Single Incision Hysterectomy. The second-most common procedure for women in the United States, hysterectomies previously required multiple incisions. With the new single site robotic approach, the surgeon is able to use a single small incision that makes the operation virtually scarless. Dr. Estella notes that in addition to the improved cosmetic results and a faster recovery, she is able to minimize the pain and bleeding associated with a traditional open hysterectomy using the single site procedure.


About Nonnie M. Estella, MD, PC:

Dr. Estella has served New England women since 1999. She opened her practice in 2004 with admitting privileges at Lowell General Hospital. Currently, she is the director of minimally invasive gynecological surgery and past President of the Medical Staff at the hospital. She is a Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopy (AAGL) and the International Society of Gynecological Laparoscopy. She is also a member of the American Medical Association and the Massachusetts Medical Society. Dr. Estella continues to be at the forefront of the field of innovation for women's gynecological health. A certified surgeon of excellence in minimally invasive gynecology, she is one of only 25 surgeons awarded that designation in New England.

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